Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Current Exhibition:

Outside The Lines: A History of Gig Harbor Through the Editorial Cartoons of Don Snowden, 1978 - Present

December 5, 2014 - March 15, 2015

This unique and exciting special exhibition tells the history of the Gig Harbor Peninsula through editorial cartoons once featured in the Peninsula Gateway. Gig Harbor community member and artist Don Snowden, has been providing sarcasm, emotion, and news in his wonderful cartoons since the 1970’s and continues to share the stories of this area in current editions of the local newspaper. His cartoons are not simply clever images, but an expression of how news can be reported and shared from various perspectives and enjoyed in unexpected ways.

The Harbor History Museum is proud to work with Snowden in sharing his talents with the community. The exhibition utilizes Don's body of work to provide both a hands-on experience for all ages as well as a comprehensive presentation of art and history never before seen in Gig Harbor. We welcome both new and longtime residents to be delightfully entertained and pleasantly surprised by the amount of history absorbed from these seemingly simple sketches. Creativity and knowledge are achieved when we think Outside The Lines.


Don image
Don Snowden,1998 w/ color added in 2014